When you searching for amazing place to impress in your photos and in the people’s thoughts, happened to arrived in a place you didn’t aspect. Happened to me in my 5 days journey in england. Generally you search for famous place with high impact on your observer’s eyes to let him says “WOW”,  but you never thoughts that the best place it’s near often to you.

That’s what i mean to be a photographer. Emotions comes from the heart of what you get looking deep in the photos. It’s not the place to drive away but the way you show that place that give the emotions looking at.

Walking in the countryside i arrived in that beautiful place with lot of poppies and i was in love with it. I had to got it on a photos as i was looking for that kind of place for long, and finally, i can’t miss it. I wait for right time, the right clouds and i start my work, my experimentations. And when just walking a bit on my left i found it i notice. A beautiful field full of daisy.

That was i call a perfect day!

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