Here I am with my fist episode of  #throwbackthursday following my 2008 resolution plan. Last week I posted every single #tbt as single images but I didn’t like really like that way to keep my website update and live. I prefer to post single pictures when I really need to show everyone something amazing or something I really love.

So the first pictures was shoot in 2008 in Montenegro and it was a wonderful discovery. I literally felt in love with the places. Sveti Dorde Island. I have been told that young men go there to pray the week before they will become priest. The surrounding was amazing and so quite. You could feel the sound of the sea and nothing more. Feeling so low and quite at the same level of the sea was wonderful.

These were my first pictures made with a digital camera. At that time I owned a Canon D350. I was thrilled to move from film to digital because at that point the technology was good enough to worth the change. A lot is change since then and I’m excited by all these changes and how photography in these years evolved. As you all know by now I turn myself into a mobile photographer and I’m completely devote to this change and my new journey.

Thank you for ready guys. See you next time

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