When I started to think about what would be my photography from now on using just my iPhone 7 Plus, I couldn’t image that I would have enjoyed it so much. The iPhone’s camera is not like a DSLR and just to make sure that no one got offended DLSR are better, bigger and amazing camera with amazing lens. But what makes a photo beautiful and enjoyable? I’m leaving the question open for everyone! Now back to serious stuff, going around with an iPhone or your favourite smartphone and take photos it’s just wonderful.Since the first blog post I bought a couple of lenses from MOMENT, and I have to say that I have been really impressed. Not by the quality of the glass, that is by the way great, but by the fact that they extend the potential in your hands. I have a wide lens, a telephoto lens and in a near future, I’m sure I’m going to add to the family the fish-eye lens.In the end, for someone like me that is embracing and enjoying mobile photography, this is a completely new life. I’m still learning how to get out the best from both, but I’m getting through it. This is a completely new challenge as I want to achieve the same beauty and feelings I was used to capturing with all the SLR and DSLR I had in my photography life with an iPhone. I’m pretty sure is possible. For now, let’s have a look at these few photos from central London with an iPhone in my hand.Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook for different content!!!

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