I know, and I’m sorry I have been away from my blog for too long and there is a lot to catch up. Backward at the end of June, my usual early Saturday morning walk took me on a journey from St. James Park to Hyde Park and back. I have to admit this year the weather is awesome considering I‘m in England. Nice bright sky, a gorgeous hot sun on your face and of course, the quiet of this beautiful city.

The following first two photos, make me wonder about a future project that now back in October I haven’t done it yet, but I’ll keep it for a rainy day.

Hyde Park, it’s just wonderful. There are just geese, runners and with my surprise, as I didn’t know was it possible, a lot of swimmers. I was wondering how would you immerse yourself in there. It’s a mystery, but considering there is actually a swimming club I assume is normal. When the park is quiet and surrounded by silence you relax, breath in and let your thoughts running in your head, and I’m sure walking on your own on an early day, with so many empty benches, everything gets easier. On the other hand, if you are a couple, you can enjoy the swans and geese swimming in the lake. It doesn’t matter actually what you look at because there is always something that catches your attention like reflections, tunnels or maybe just a pole in the water.

Assange is still a thing, apparently.

At the end of your day when it’s time to go back home or like me, pleasing yourself with a well-deserved second breakfast, some just got up and what could be the first two things you would do? A cigarette with a cup of coffee and your phone. Well, this is what I imagine when I took the last photo.

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