It’s not a secret anymore that I much prefer London early in the morning when people aren’t around, at least just a few, then during the day or fun young nights.
It’s so much enjoyable walk around when nobody around and gets to know places of this wonderful city with a different light. And I don’t just mean the actual morning daylight. When you are on your own, you have the time to look and think without the stress of people might get impressed in your shoot and when it happened it’s just because you wanted them to be in there.

You can appreciate shop’s window display with their fancy dress and shoes but more than that you can enjoy some superb piece of art. Handwriting painted text design wonderful motives or something different like shadows imprinting themselves on white walls …

… Sometimes when you look for your next shot you end up playing hide and seek with your next subject. You see something. You move left and right, choosing the right view, up and down on your knees and there you are with something fun and with character. But you keep moving on because there is a lot to do and explore on the street. Everything changes. You are now back in the fifties with all these washing machines starving and in need to do their job

… Keep walking and you and as deeper than you can get you ended up finding a rough corner you wouldn’t expect to be there. Especially if you are in Zone 1. But you keep looking around you and unfortunately, some business didn’t go really well, and they had to shout down the place and it seems to be in a hurry leaving there all the furniture …

… Someone left the car like that …

… And you keep exploring the world around you. Hey you what are you looking at! …

… Taking a photo isn’t a science, who has the biggest camera or to get every single pixel in a shoot. Personally, if I did that, then I failed as an artist, as a dreamer …

… This one seems to be real luck! Sometimes is all about luck. What do you think?

If you missed my previous blog post you can read it here. Back to the … let’s catch up about June

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