Before it’s too late. August and September.

I was writing a new post, and I realised something was missing. A huge gap in my stories from August to September, so here we are with a recap of what we were missing. It wasn’t a productive period because of the busy time at work and didn’t have many opportunities to go out on […]

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Photography, Story

My side of the story. What’s yours?

A story, it’s the view that the writer wants to share with the reader, but what’s making a story special isn’t just the inner reaction you get out of them, but for me how a story can be re-imagined from your audience while they are going through your words. An early morning can start with […]

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The magic of Black and White

Is not easy to find words for every blog post. It’s a challenge every single time. Said that this post is about doing photography with my iPhone. I decided last year to dedicate myself to mobile photography for different reasons. Mobility, portability, the challenge just for say some of them. I’m pushing myself even further […]

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